It’s not about the moment and making spontaneous decisions, it’s about planning for the future. For example, in this moment, as I try to fall asleep, I could listen to music. If I chose Radiohead my future would be different than if I chose Daft Punk. This is because my brain chemistry would react differently to the different style of music and thus different thoughts would emerge and lead me down a different cognitive path. As a result, the innumerable decisions I’ve made and not made, large and small, to reach this point could never be replicated or fully comprehended. There are just too many options to manage within the human mind. Instead, it’s about programming yourself to utilize tools and discipline to continuously shape your future. Your momentary self should almost be on autopilot attempting to achieve the strategic goal the other side of yourself is planning for. This means you need to understand yourself and learn methods to manage the chemistry and situations that arise each day and alter them in your favor. It’s a long game of carefully crafted statistical choices which means the sooner you start the better you may fare later in life. The other way I’ve imagined it is like a radial menu from the “Sims” video game franchise. Each moment, situation, and interaction has this menu available to it with a myriad of options to choose from. You tend to choose the ones that are most similar to past decisions, but the others are available if you’re feeling daring or adventurous. And who knows what other realities would exist for you if you started to choose the other options. That’s where this goes off the rails and you realize how insignificant your feeling of decision-making might be. Have you ever really made a truly conscious decision before? It’s seems pretty unclear.