This site is structured around Sequences. Sequences are series of Articles that relate to a single topic of understanding. Each sequence is sorted by post date (ascending). At the bottom of each article there are often recent updates which provide additional clarification and new perspective.

Last Updated: September 9th, 2017

Belief – This sequence examines the role that belief has played in my life, how I destroyed it, and how I’ve constructed tools to avoid it in the future.

  1. Magic and Monsters
  2. Belief, or a lack thereof
  3. We Need Everyone
  4. Challenging Your Beliefs
  5. Mimicry Can Make You Smarter
  6. Principles and Morality, an update regarding belief
  7. Admitting When You’re Wrong
  8. More Nonsense About Belief
  9. Who am I? (NEW)

Enlightenment – This sequence examines the abstract concept of enlightenment and attempts to decode what it is and how to achieve it.

  1. An Evaluation of My Current Mental State
  2. The Three Levels of Truth
  3. What is Consciousness and Enlightenment?
  4. Challenging Enlightenment
  5. Enlightenment Journey Update: May 31st, 2013
  6. For Those Who’ve Crossed the River
  7. Manifested Realities is our Minds Ability to Adapt
  8. Bringing My Vision Home (coming soon)

Heightened Awareness – This sequence reveals the depth and breadth of data in our surroundings and how to become better at detecting it.

  1. Avoiding Negativity
  2. The Zen Practice of Living in the Moment
  3. The 3 Types of Awareness
  4. Underestimating How Smart You Can Become
  5. Adopting Different States of Mind
  6. Emotional Control and Petty Manipulation

Meditation – This sequence discusses the benefits and sometimes strange consequences of meditation.

  1. What I’ve Learned From Meditation
  2. Detecting The Subconscious
  3. How To Change Your Personality
  4. Why is Meditation so Important for Enlightenment?
  5. What Happens When You Stop Meditating?

Productivity – This sequence shares methods and strategies for maximizing productivity.

  1. Just Do It
  2. Realistic Expectations, Taking Breaks, and Gaining Momentum

Social Strategy – This sequence covers the Great Game of Social Strategy and Manipulation! I’m not a proponent of its use, but it’s fascinating to study and gives you a good defense against those who use it.

  1. Lecture Presentation: The Game
  2. The Desire for Justice (NEW)